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Sept 2013 News

We are proud to list here some of the many new features that have been added to our products in the past year. We have worked on many of the various user interfaces to make them more user- friendly and to utilize more appropriate default settings. There has also been a strong focus on improved error handling and more extensive data import capabilities.

Data Import into EMIGMA

MT/AMT data

  • Many additional capabilities and formats have been added to QCTool thus allowing data QC/QA, Editing, Merging, Organization, etc and then via the .qct format easily to EMIGMA.
  • A QCTool license is included with all EMIGMA MT purchases.
  • EDI , Stratagem and MT-24 data imports added to QCTool
  • From .qct format, multiple lines, stations and frequencies may be imported in one easy import
  • QCTool now allows import of data specified only as apparent resistivity and phase.
  • A Frequency channel is easily selected and each station may have a different set of frequencies
  • Improved automatic channel selection
  • Added dialog box to enter new frequencies as well as display preview of import file
  • Zonge CSAMT

  • Imports both the Zonge legacy format as well as their latest format
  • Added options to normalize by low frequency current or average current
  • Added ability to obtain coordinates from a separate station file
  • Ground UTEM3 and UTEM4

  • Multiple styles of normalization may be imported simultaneously included non-normalized data.
  • Imports co-ordinate directions directly
  • Correctly handles duplicate loop vertices
  • Allows import of duplicate measurements
  • UTEM4

  • Allows automatic vertical shift of loop and stations
  • Data locations may be re-calculated using new borehole geometry
  • Accelerometer, Magnetometer, depth and station coordinates may be exported to QCTool format
  • Borehole labels may be alpha-numeric with increased length
  • IP Data

  • GDD Instrumentation files may now be imported
  • Allowed non-averaging of duplicate data for QC purposes
  • Other formats

  • Set appropriate defaults when importing ZTEM/AFMAG data
  • Set default coordinate system to be horizontal for gravity import for correct gradient calculations
  • Additional support for PROMIS and SMARTEM files
  • Added ability to import Phoenix CSAMT .avg format
  • Made frequency channel selection easier when importing dipole-dipole FEM data
  • Inversion

    • 3D Resistivity Inversion tool has been enhanced to allow superposition LN forward technique. This enables current interaction between cells and to our knowledge is the first Resistivity inversion tool to allow such necessary current interactions.
    • Improved handling of exceptions in the 3D Resistivity inversion tool
    • 3D Resistivity Inversion has been overhauled to allow enhanced forward modules for faster computations in the simulation portion of the inversion process.
    • Marquardt style underparametrized inversion method added to 1D MT/AMT inversion tool in addition to our original over-parameterized Occam style inversion.
    • Improved apparent resistivity calculation for 1D resistivity and 1D CSAMT tools
    • 1D CSAMT inversion tool has far field inversion technique for impedance data. Thus, adding the traditional approach for comparison.
    • Several new features added to 1D CSAMT inversion which includes inversion for E,H or Z including the generation of a log file for recall of previous inversion settings
    • 3D MT/AMT inversion has been added including Tipper Vector inversion
    • Born or Superposition interactions allowed in MT/AMT/Tipper inversions
    • Addition of use of log file for MT/AMT/Tipper inversion
    • Graphic tools for setting inversion grid for MT/AMT/Tipper inversion
    • Improved Marquardt and Occam 1D inversions for DC resistivity for speed and accuracy
    • Improved user-interface for 1D resistivity inversion
    • Improved exception handling for 1D MT/AMT inversion
    • Improved accuracy and speed of forward simulations during 3D Gravity inversion
    • New constrained trust-region inversions for DC Magnetics
    • Added data weighting capabilities in 1D TEM inversions for ground and airborne surveys.

    Forward Simulation

    • Improved accuracy for extended ground sources including CSAMT, MMR and gradient IP.
    • Improved borehole simulation accuracy to account for variations in borehole geometry
    • Various improvements for borehole methods including EM, Magnetics and Gravity
    • Internal current sampling points in LN (Prisms and Polyhedra) increased to 8000 from 3000.
    • Extensive re-working of Greens functions calculations improving simulation accuracy dramatically for difficult models. For all IP and EM techniques
    • Numerous small improvements for stability in EM calculations
    • Improved simulation speeds for 3D Gravity and Magnetics forward simulation
    • Major reworking for 3D DC Resistivity and MMR simulations including upgrades for very large internal field, equivalent source sampling
    • General improvements to cancel simulations and handle processing exceptions

    EMIGMA Plotter

    • The Plotter in EMIGMA has always been a very useful and efficient tool for data analyses
    • As we do every year, we spend extensive efforts on improving functionality and stability to make it even more useful and efficient
    • Component selection can be applied to all plotted channels at once allowing much more rapid comparison between data and multiple models
    • Improved error bar display in decay mode
    • More plot settings can be saved for plot recall
    • Improved Xhole data display functions

    Visualization in EMIGMA

    • A variety of improvements to visualization tools
    • Improved import/export of structures including 3D AutoCAD and Surpac formats
    • Improved visualization of 3D field vectors
    • Enhanced capabilities for Xhole surveys
    • Improved display settings for TX and RX displays
    • Improved data display
    • Improved user interfaces
    • Improved ability to check and handle exceptions
    • Improved section cutting in display of 3D inversions and data
    • Improved functionality in 2D section displays
    • Improved display functionality for 2D grids for MT/AMT data

    Profile Modifier Tool ( analyze and edit survey geometry)

    • This is a rather new tool in EMIGMA and was initially designed for editing and cleaning large airborne surveys.
    • Over the last years, it’s functionality has constantly increased as it has become one of the primary tool in the EMIGMA application
    • Now we can display your transmitter(s), determine the exact location of the source vertices and receiver locations. Identify and edit data lines and labels. Underlay maps and export maps to a variety of mapping software products including geotiffs and 2D .dxf.
    • One useful feature in this year’s additions is the ability to project your anomalies onto the surface in order to analyse their location with respect to transmitters and receivers as well as to produce maps for reports.

    Other new features in EMIGMA

    • Mdb database files can be associated with EMIGMA so that the database will be automatically opened into EMIGMA when double-clicked
    • Tipper rotation has been added to the toolbox, plotter and visualizer
    • Editor for axis and transmitter display parameters in 3d Visualizer
    • Transmitter information is displayed on status bar in survey editor and grid contour tools
    • Time window shifting and multiplying
    • Data is not lost when Rx settings are modified
    • An external station location file can be used to convert local grid coordinates to UTM
    • Improved data processing tools and data reduction calculations


    • Over the last few years, we have had increasing demands to upgrade our tools for these surveys and have also been contracted extensively for consulting purposes for these types of surveys thus requiring enhancements for these purposes
    • As a result, we have had to update all the tools for these surveys starting from data imports onto processing, data display and analyses and finally to modeling and inversion.
    • You will now find EMIGMA a much friendlier and comprehensive tool for these surveys


    We include our developments in QCTool since this product has now become a very useful appendage for working with certain data types and EMIGMA. QCTool allows for easy import, QC/QA, editing, processing and data merging. Import from QCTool to EMIGMA is extremely user-friendly.

    QCTool Processing

  • Data binning has been expanded to work with any type of data
  • Terrain correction algorithm has been improved to work with grids of finer granularity
  • New tool to allow more versatile averaging of duplicates
  • Batch outlier removal for multiple channels at a time
  • Creation of new channels which are sums or differences of other channels. Thus allowing for the calculation of among other things digital derivatives or integrals
  • QCTool Data Import/Export

  • Support for many new file formats has been added. These include Phoenix USF, Micro-G LaCoste Air-Sea DAT and ENV, Geometrics G-882 and G-856, LAS geophysical log files, the newest version of Zonge's AVG format. But, you will find many new formats allowed for import
  • Interpolated grid display and associated georeference information can be saved to an integrated GeoTIFF file
  • Survey lines can be saved to AutoCAD DXF format and .kml format
  • Many other small improvements and enhancements
  • QCTool Data Display

  • Dynamic Plot and Print Preview
  • Exchange between KML and PEGEOMAP tool
  • QCTool Coordinate Projections

  • New coordinate projections including several European systems, American polyconic and generic Mercator systems
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    March 2023 News 15 Mar 2023

    We are proud to announce the release of EMIGMA V10.1 geophysics software. Many improvements have been made to its various modules.

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    July 2022 - EMIGMA V10 and QCTool V5.0.0 25 Jul 2022

    Details of QCTool upgrades may be found on the QCTool website More than 2 years of development have gone into the upgrades in EMIGMA V10

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    July 2020 News 8 Jul 2020

    Many EM simulation, processing and filtering algorithms have been augmented in our EMIGMA geophysics software.

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    March 2020 - EMIGMA V9.5.5 now available 11 Mar 2020

    We are pleased to announce that a new version of our EMIGMA geophysics software has been released. It includes many additions to the inversion, simulation and visualization tools.

    Oct 2019 - 3D Resistivity Inversion 15 Oct 2019

    We have completed an extensive upgrade to the 3D resistivity inversion in our geophysics software to allow both surface to borehole and borehole to borehole data.

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    June 2019 - QCTool new features 12 Jun 2019

    Many new features have been recently added to our QCTool software that will aid in processing geophysics data.

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    Jan 2019 - Magnetic Compensation 22 Apr 2019

    We have released a new version of our aeromagnetic processing and magnetic compensation geophysics software. The new version is suitable for airborne, ground and marine surveys.

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    Oct 2017– CSEM and V9.5 release 6 Oct 2017

    We are pleased to announce the release of V9.5 of our geophysics software effective October 5, 2017. This past year, we have enabled the use of Land Based CSEM survey interpretation.

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    Oct 2016 - Release of Version 9.1 25 Oct 2016

    While there are many minor improvements and additions to this version of our geophysics software, we wish to touch on only IP modeling, TDEM inversion and the inversion viewer.

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    July 2016 - Land Based CSEM 27 Jul 2016

    Our geophysics software now supports land based CSEM including data processing, editing , plotting, gridding, modeling (synthetic data) and 1D and 3D inversion.

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    June 2016 – Extensions to 1D TDEM inversion capabilities 21 Jun 2016

    We have added a large number of new functionalities to our 1D TEM inversion tools including simultaneous inversion of data from different base frequencies

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    May 2016 - New Simulation Capabilities 11 May 2016

    Inductive Plate Algorithm - FAST!

    We have implemented a new compiler and other engineering aspects. The result is up to 50 times increased speed of computation!

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    CGG Airborne Systems 9 Jan 2016

    Support for CGG 100% normalized step response data has been implemented and is released in today's updates.

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    Holiday prices 15 Dec 2015

    Holiday pricing is now available for some licenses until Jan 1,2016. See the prices page for details.

    Oct 2015 – EMIGMA V9.0 release 27 Oct 2015

    We are pleased to announce a dramatically new version of the EMIGMA geophysics software. Changes include upgrades to computation speeds and accuracy and network dongle capability.

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    May 2015 - EMIGMA developments 14 May 2015

    Some exciting features added to EMIGMA include new imports, better geophysical data and error handling, as well as powerful modeling, inversion and mapping.

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    July 2014 - New EMIGMA Developments 25 Jul 2014

    With the introduction of new ground FEM systems, we have upgraded our tools for the newer systems particularly PROMIS, DualEM and GEM2.

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    July 2014 - Expansion of MT Tools 24 Jul 2014

    Last year, we completed major upgrades to our MT licenses but the growing popularity for these products is encouraging further additions.

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    April 2014 - New IP/Resistivity Developments 22 Jul 2014

    This year, we have released major upgrades to our Resistivity and IP licenses. We believe that EMIGMA is now the most comprehensive software package for such data.

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    Sept 2013 News 17 Sep 2013

    We have worked on our geophysics software to make the user interfaces more user-friendly. There has also been a strong focus on data import capabilities.

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    June 2012 News 22 Jun 2012

    Our geophysics software tools have undergone quite a few developments in the area of processing and visualization of magnetotelluric and CSAMT data.

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    March 2012 News 9 Mar 2012

    We are excited to present to you some of the many new features have been added to our geophysics products including enhancements to EMIGMA's 3D inversion

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    3D CAD Import/Exports 31 Oct 2011

    We have augmented our geophysics software tools for interacting with 3D CAD applications.

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    QCTool Version 2.3 released 27 Sep 2011

    This new version of our software has been recompiled and optimized for Windows Vista and Windows 7 among other new features.

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    Sept 2011 News 1 Sep 2011

    Our EMIGMA geophysics software has had many improvements over the last several months including enhancements to tem and mag inversion as well as 3d resistivity modeling.

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    July 2011 - New MMR tools and license 6 Jul 2011

    New simulation algorithms have been developed in our geophysics software for ground and borehole MMR surveys. The MMR license also includes borehole DC magnetic geophysical modeling.

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    EMIGMA 8.6 is now available 24 Jun 2011

    Licensed users with an up to date maintenance may download the latest release of our geophysics software here.

    March 2011 News 4 Mar 2011

    There have been some notable additions to EMIGMA during the fall of 2010 and early winter 2011.

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    EMIGMA V8.5 has been released 29 Jul 2010

    We are pleased to announce the immediate release of version 8.5 of EMIGMA. EMIGMA users with a license currently under maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade to this latest version.

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    What's new in EMIGMA 28 Jan 2010

    Many new features were included in EMIGMA during the fall of 2009

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    New features in EMIGMA and QCTool 8 Jul 2009

    Many new capabilities have been added to our products including the support of additional import formats as well as enhanced simulation algorithms.

    (full article)
    Time Domain Inversion 6 Jul 2009

    While EMIGMA has contained one-dimensional inversion for TEM for a few years now, we have recently released two significantly enhanced versions.

    (full article)
    Updated Demo Databases 17 Apr 2009

    The demo databases available in the downloads area of this website have received some substantial modifications.

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    New TDEM Demo Database 25 Mar 2009

    A new demo database exclusively containing time domain data for ground and borehole surveys is available.

    (full article)
    QCTool Price Increase 5 Mar 2009

    As of April 1, 2009, the price for QCTool will be $200 CAD.

    Download GeoTutor IV 20 Feb 2009

    GeoTutor IV is now available for download from our website.

    (full article)
    Magnetic Compensation Plug-In 16 Jan 2009

    We now offer a plug-in for Geosoft Oasis to perform magnetic compensation on aeromagnetic data contained within your .gdb files.

    (full article)
    EMIGMA video now available 2 Dec 2008

    A training video demonstrating the power of EMIGMA can now be downloaded for free from the Downloads section of our website.

    (full article)
    New Modeling Capabilities 10 Nov 2008

    We now offer forward modeling capabilities for MTEM and CSEM as well as for airborne MT applications such as ZTEM.

    (full article)
    New terraTEM import and functionality added 26 Jun 2008

    EMIGMA now has the ability to import data generated by the terraTEM instrument.

    (full article)
    GeoTutor IV is now available 11 Jun 2008

    We are proud to announce the immediate release of GeoTutor IV. This new version introduces the ability to register online using a customized serial number in the same way as Petros Eikon's QCTool.

    (full article)
    EMIGMA V8.1 is now available 28 Apr 2008

    We are happy to announce the immediate release of EMIGMA V8.1, which brings with it complete compatibility with Windows Vista as well as a number of new capabilities and improvements.

    (full article)
    Buy Our Software Online 11 Feb 2008

    Recently added to our Price page is the ability to securely purchase various PetRos EiKon products online using PayPal.

    (full article)
    EMIGMA V8.1 Coming Soon 4 Feb 2008

    We are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of EMIGMA 8.1 on March 31. This will be the first EMIGMA product to be compatible with Windows Vista.

    (full article)
    Improved TEM Inversion 3 Jan 2008

    While EMIGMA has contained one-dimensional inversion for TEM for a few years now, we have recently released a dramatically enhanced version.

    (full article)
    TEM-FAST added to EMIGMA 7 Dec 2007

    Petros Eikon has enhanced one of its flagship products with TEM-FAST electromagnetic geophysical data capabilities.

    (full article)
    PetRos EiKon Services 21 Nov 2007

    We have many geophysical services that can conform to your needs. Our experience extends to data in the areas of electromagnetics, magnetics and gravity.

    (full article)
    QCTool V2.2 Now Available 9 Nov 2007

    Visit our downloads area to obtain QCTool so you can experience this latest version first hand.

    (full article)
    EMIGMA V7.8 - New Features 20 Aug 2007

    Now in its third major release, EMIGMA V7.8 has an unequaled array of functions and now provides virtually all of your processing, modeling and inversion requirements for EM, Magnetics, Gravity, IP and Resistivity

    (full article)
    New release of QCTool (August, 2007) 20 Aug 2007

    New release of QCTool 2.1(August, 2007).

    (full article)
    EMIGMA Update 1 Aug 2007

    Users with an active maintenance contract can now download a new EMIGMA update for July 27.

    Purchase QCTool via PayPal 23 Jun 2006

    You can now purchase a QCTool license online via PayPal. You can use either a credit card or, if you live in USA or Canada, your bank account.

    PetrosSuite Teaching & Research Software 31 May 2006

    PetrosSuite - a new Teaching & Research software bundle for Academics.

    (full article)
    New Data Processing and Interpretation Services 31 May 2006

    New Interpretaton and Processing Services now available.

    (full article)
    Aeromagnetic Compensaton now available in QCTool 31 May 2006

    Aeromagnetic Compensation now available in QCTool (May, 2006)

    (full article)
    Two New Technical Papers 30 May 2006

    Dr. Cheng studies the 3D airborne TEM modeling capabilities of EMIGMA and other available programs. In the second by Prof. Duckworth, he discusses among other things comparisons between EMIGMA's modeling results and his own scale model results.

    (full article)
    Live Chat and Support 8 May 2006

    You can now talk to us live during our work hours (9:30am-7:30pm EST/EDT). Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, but please be patient. It may take a while for...

    (full article)
    New release of EMIGMA V7.8 now available 30 May 2005

    New release of EMIGMA V7.8 (December, 2005) now available

    (full article)
    (No title) 30 May 2005

    Conductivity Depth Imaging now available in EMIGMA V7.8.

    (No title) 30 May 2005

    New Impulse to Step Processing now available in EMIGMA V7.8.

    (No title) 30 May 2005

    QCTool now available for Scintrex CG5.

    (No title) 30 May 2005

    Imports, Modelling, Inversion, CDI's available for VTEM and AeroTeM systems.

    May 2002 News 1 May 2002

    Introducing EMIGMA V7.5

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    February 2001 News 1 Feb 2001

    EMIGMA Version 7 Release

    (full article)
    July 2000 News 1 Jul 2000

    EMIGMA V7.0 Ready for Beta Testing

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    December 1998 News 1 Dec 1998

    EMIGMA V6.2 at a Glance

    (full article)
    February 1998 News 1 Feb 1998

    New EMIGMA V6.1 Release Now Available

    (full article)
    April 1997 News 1 Apr 1997

    3D Data Representation and Multiple Plates Now Available

    (full article)
    September 1996 News 1 Sep 1996

    Focus: Improved Induction

    (full article)
    February 1996 News 1 Feb 1996

    Sneak Preview into EMIGMA Version 5

    (full article)
    August 1995 News 1 Aug 1995

    3D Resistivity/IP Surveys With EMIGMA Version 4

    (full article)
    July 1995 News 1 Jul 1995

    EMIGMA Version 3

    (full article)
    October 1994 News 1 Oct 1994

    New EMIGMA Development

    (full article)
    August 1994 News 1 Aug 1994

    VH Plate Development

    (full article)
    July 1994 News 1 Jul 1994

    MITEC Project

    (full article)
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