Since 1994

Quality Control for EM, Gravity and Magnetics

Our years of experience in data interpretation and analyses combined with our experience and understanding of the measuring equipment together with our mathematical and geophysics expertise, we are able to provide a unique insight and understanding of your data quality. On site data QC provided.

Quality Control for Airborne EM Surveys

Airborne EM surveys are very useful but also expensive. It is in your best interest to have your survey monitored for quality by independent experts. In addition to daily monitoring of both the EM and magnetic data and ensuring the highest quality data is being collected, we provide prompt compilations and maps within a few days of the final flights. We also provide the most accurate magnetic processing results based on detailed analyses of base station and survey data. Additionally, if required, we can provide for the EM: high quality inversion sections and precise 3D modeling utilizing our suite of algorithms. For the magnetic data, we can provide 3D modeling or inversion and an array of high quality gradient products utilizing our advanced gridding and FFT techniques.

Airborne, Ground and Borehole data

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