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EMIGMA made its appearance more than 25 years ago as a prompt-based 3D forward electromagnetic modeling program that has developed into a state-of-the-art comprehensive geophysical interpretation platform. Today it offers versatile solutions for electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, magnetotelluric, induced polarization, resistivity, and CSAMT applications integrating data processing, simulation, inversion and imaging software as well as other associated tools.

Your data collected or even just guessed - this is where the power of EMIGMA starts. You either import your raw data using various import procedures designed to meet your very specific demands. EMIGMA is smart enough to recognize the type of your data, survey configuration and channel information and offer you an intelligent choice in the case of any ambiguity. Or, you create your model from scratch. EMIGMA provides a comprehensive interface to make this task easy and fast. You are automatically taken through all the necessary steps until your model is ready to be viewed and subject to forward simulation and inversions. EMIGMA's data display package includes 3D visualization, plotting, gridding, contouring, grid analyses and spatial data analyses. All of these tools are fully equipped and easily managed. Coupled with your intuition, they may provide invaluable assistance in the process of data interpretation.

EMIGMA's features are designed to satisfy every imaginable requirement of our customers. Being highly sophisticated, the platform can boast a clear and logical structure, friendly interface and fast operation speed.

3D Modelling
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3D Modelling

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