Since 1994

Survey Collection, Design and Supervision

Through our associations with consultants, instrument manufacturers and geophysical survey companies, we can recommend, supervise and quality control all your survey requirements and then follow up with processing and interpretation if required.

We provide services to help you design an appropriate survey. Starting from appropriate modeling studies, we will find the appropriate survey contractor and help you negotiate a suitable contract and follow through to ensure you receive careful data collection services and receive the final data products in a timely manner.

Ground TEM Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation

Our years of experience in TEM data interpretation provide us with a unique insight into TEM survey techniques and instrument behaviour thus ensuring that we can provide the best quality data and the highest resolution. This is combined with our ability to provide highly accurate and complete interpretation and modeling of your data. A Geonics digital Rx with re-vamped EM37 transmitter is available in-house but more modern EM 47/58/68 TX can be provided.

Specializing in wide-offset, deep TEM

Ground Magnetics and Gravity Data Acquisition

We provide high quality, high-resolution ground magnetic surveys utilizing a GPS linked Cesium or Proton magnetometer with a base station utilizing a proton magnetometer with a second basestation for more accurate basestation corrections if required. While, this may sound straightforward, many contractors do not provide knowledgeable operators able to properly distinguish instrument malfunctions over data not properly re-sample small targets of interest. We also provide precise ground gravity surveys in conjunction with a partner company with 20 years of experience in ground gravity. We have developed the best commercial software for gravity corrections now available and offer extremely advanced techniques for terrain corrections. We offer excellent magnetic or gravity processing available as well as the one of the most advanced inversion capabilities and the most accurate modeling capabilities. In the final product you receive the very best in structural interpretation from your surveys.

Surface, Underground and Surface to Ground IP/Resistivity Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation

After extensive development to provide the very best of 3D modeling for complex surveys for IP and Resistivity data, we now offer data collection and interpretation for high precision surface, underground and underground to surface surveys. Current excitation of weakly conducting structures offers improved ability to detect conductors and IP anomalies to shear and fracture structures. The ability to collect the right data and model accurately is critical in these procedures. We offer not only precise data collection but precise modeling to include all the effects of the anomalous structure, the source and the background rock. Don't rely on smudging, physically inaccurate inversions.

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