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GeoTutor V

Key Features

GeoTutor V
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GeoTutor V

Up to 4,000 points per file

Bonus - The EMSphere algorithm, an excellent tool for benchmarking and UXO modeling with the ability to simulate response of up to and often above 1MHz and a full range of both conductivity and susceptibility contrasts with the background.

GUI Interface - Intuitive User Interfaces for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

New to Version V

  • Compatiblity with Windows 7 and Vista
  • Improved interconnectivity between modules
  • Simplified user interface for inversion tools
  • Gravity data import
  • Improved forward simulation algorithms
  • QCTool files supported when importing crosshole data

New to Version IV

  • Online registration
  • Updated video tutorials
  • A list of open tools is saved at the end of a GeoTutor session so these same tools can be launched automatically the next time GeoTutor is run
  • Default data selection for the 2D plotter
  • Generic resistivity data import

Data Imports

  • Real geophysical data imports: gravity, magnetics, FEM (airborne and ground), TEM (ground and borehole), IP, Resistivity

3D Modeling

GeoTutor V
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GeoTutor V
  • Easy model building: flexible profile generation and manipulation, multiple system geometries, etc.
  • Plate, prism and polyhedra anomalies
  • Synthetic Topography-Poly Generator for modeling complex geological anomalies and topography
  • Multiple body interactions
  • 3D forward simulation, including the batch mode
  • Model building tool in 3D space: easy object manipulation and adjustment, single-click conversion of prisms to polyhedra, etc.


GeoTutor V
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GeoTutor V
  • 1D inversion for FEM, MT and CSAMT data
  • 3D inversion for Magnetics


  • Data visualization in 3D space, as profiles, vectors, true 3D surfaces or contoured surface along with the 3D structure display
  • Display of 3D models sliced and diced in the 3D Visualizer
  • Easy object manipulation and 3D modeling tools available right in the Visualizer


GeoTutor V
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GeoTutor V
  • Comprehensive XY Plotter for plotting data, decays and positions
  • Multi-channel and multi-profile plotting
  • Flipping between resistivity and conductivity
  • Switching between channels, profiles and models
  • Plotting to scale
  • Multiple plots per page
  • Residual plotting
  • Saving plotting defaults for rapid plotting of model suites

Gridding and Grid Presentation

  • Automatic gridding based on the Natural Neighbor technique
  • Gridding adjustments: changing the grid size, spatial radius, etc.


GeoTutor V
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GeoTutor V
  • OpenGL interpolation
  • Multi-component contours - switching between components and channels
  • Flipping between Apparent Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Contour lines and their customization
  • Data display as 3D surfaces
  • Range of pseudo-depth and pseudo-section displays, Bostick transformations
  • 3D volume interpolation of inversion results - slicing and dicing